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Marian House Nursing Home
Marian House Nursing Home
Marian House Nursing Home Gardens
Marian House Nursing Home Entrance
Marian House Nursing Home Chapel
Marian House Nursing Home

Marian House Care Home is an independent 20 Registered Bed Roman Catholic Registered Care Home for Religious Sisters run by the Trustees of the congregation. Set in pleasant grounds this is a lovely place to live and to work. Our residents are Sisters who have given their lives to caring for those in need – sometimes in our missions abroad or here in the UK and now it is their turn to be cared for by staff here at Marian House.

We work with a strong Christian approach but you don’t need to be a practising Catholic to work with us as long as you approach life with an inclusive respect for all. An appreciation of the religious way of life and a gentle manner with our older residents is essential.

We have communities in the UK and abroad – the Philippines, Zambia, America, Colombia, El Salvador and Uganda. Our elderly residents are living at Marian House because they have medical needs which cannot be met in the convents where most of our communities are based. Many have dementia and many are nearing the end of their lives, requiring palliative care.

We provide a good care staff to resident ratio to ensure that staff offer quality time to listen and support residents.

Residents who wish to attend Mass may also do so each morning in our Chapel and the service is also relayed to residents rooms via their television.

The rich contribution of all members of staff enhances the well-being of our residents and supports the ethos of care in our home.

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